Thursday, April 1, 2010

the short version

strrrrretch. ok. so. since last we spoke, i: attended a vernissage, attended a swatch watch release art party, drank absinthe for the first time, lost my favourite belt, went to a magazine launch party, secured two working contracts, realized i have become a regular at several bakeries and cafes, realized i can speak fluent parisian, went to a strange industrial/emo girl wailing at a piano concert, was invited to a super posh cocktail at the canadian ambassador's luxurious flat complete with butlers wearing white tuxes and champagne for days, had a dinner party in the cutest apartment i've ever seen, saw notre dame and the louvre at night again, walked around the city for 5 hours straight and had my picture taken by half a dozen art students, visited shakespeare & company (overrated), went to a socialite's birthday party and rubbed shoulders with THAT crowd (whoa), made some pretty incredible friends, spent some pretty incredible moments, finished a huge paper i've been working out only to find out it might be published, went to the opera national and lost my mind at how lavish it was, toured around on the back of a bmw motorcycle, found out that my producing gig back in victoria is on for this august, was excited beyond belief for my two sisters, made some pretty profound know, typical week to week stuff.

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