Sunday, April 4, 2010

sunday swooning

ahhh long weekends. long weekends are heavenly, but even more so when you can walk for 20 mins and find yourself in luxembourg gardens, sitting on a bench drenched in sunshine that feels even warmer as it has followed small bursts of rain. i sat, with my dharma bums book bringing me to kerouac's world of rambles, meditation and the zen lunatics, and my mind wandered to that place that only good literature can bring you. that place where you look around yourself in a different way, appreciate the people around you in an unfamiliar way. it was lovely - the birds were singing, flowers were filling the air with new wafts of life and loveliness. pigeons rested at my feet, beautiful though mangled, several missing limbs but seemingly content to be sunbathing.

sunday already, though the weekend has been eventful; warrioring through it as i have been with the last few, feeling that my time here is soon coming to an end, wanting to enjoy every minute i can. friday night began with an absolutely astounding performance at opera bastille - a siddhartha ballet, and truly the most incredibly piece of dance i've ever seen. the costumes, the orchestra, the set made me think back to my own ballet recitals and blush a little at just how minuscule they were compared to this troop, this spectacle. then it was out to favela chic with some friends for some brazilian drinks, music and dancing. what started out as a low-key scene, with long tables of patrons eating, chatting and sipping on fresh minted cocktails, transformed into a sweaty fun night of dancing ON the tables, amazing vibes from everyone, enjoying the night's mayhem until the wee hours of the morn. saturday was a quiet night in, with my roommate having invited some of his colleagues over for dinner. it was nice, two little kids who were adorable beyond belief, and more french banter that i've grown to adore. today was a lazy start, followed by strolling around saint germain and finding the bench i gushed about earlier. tomorrow i'm heading up to montmartre - would you believe i haven't been to basilique du sacré-coeur yet? me neither.

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