Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm a Pisces magnet

...it's official. Now, those of you who don't believe in astrology, ya'll can skip ahead to the following paragraph. But I need to pay homage to the Piscean forces at hand in my world. Let's briefly trace the history..as it has been quite recent: FIRST! My tortured artist Toronto flame; really my initiation into the dreamy pool of the Piscean existence. THEN! Adam and Kim, the Kwakwaka'wakw couple that I work closely with, and who have adopted me into their family - BOTH Pisceans. THEN! Two of my fellow graduate students (my cohort was only comprised of 5 students) that I incidentally got along super well with - both Pisceans. My wonderful island friends Tina and her dreamy partner Ian - both Pisceans. Then I get to Paris, meet the dashing Dr. Rewilder, he's a Pisces (shut....up). I meet up with this amazing girl who my island friend got me in touch with, and who is fast becoming my Paris partner-in-crime - she's a Pisces. Today I was talking to the fella I initially stayed with when I arrived, and asked him if he was a Leo (he was being a little high maintenance) and no....he's a Pisces.

So. I don't know. Maybe I just investigate more than the average person, but what the what? It should be noted that Pisces, a fellow water sign, is basically my most compatible friend/mate/what have you...so I guess it's a good sign (ha!) that they're entering my world at a rapid rate.

Anyways. I digress.

So, it's officially still winter in Paris. This morning I walked to work in the snow! I didn't mind it too much, but I was getting pretty excited about the whole heat rising, springtime flirtations that seemed to be transforming the city. But alas. I'm not complaining (I'm never allowed to complain while living in Paris); it was kinda neat to look out over the snow-swept city from the bathroom at work, which if you recall has the best view.

Worked on the French edits on the atlas again, then scurried off to a meeting on "Education for all", which was short but pretty interesting. The remainder of the afternoon was spent editing and brainstorming with my boss (who is just so damn awesome). It's really something to be working somewhere that welcomes the big ideas I'm prone to have! We have half a dozen projects cooking, and meet fairly regularly to prioritize. It's fun - it keeps things exciting and inspiring. :)


  1. did you finally see Avatar as planned? if so, amazing or what???

  2. i did! it was incredible. and in English, with French subtitles. quite the outing! Parisians love their cinema. :)