Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mid-week musings

Mid-way through my 3rd week, and I can barely comprehend how quickly time is passing!

Last weekend's lovely adventures are still providing steam, and I'm ingesting this week voraciously (with breaks for café crèmes and "occasional" correspondences with my partner-in-crime turned pen-pal). Being in such a stimulating place in my life - professionally, culturally, personally - as given me an unprecedented momentum, which I'm now focusing towards that neglected manuscript sitting, gathering dust and glaring at me from my shelf (i.e. my thesis).

My motivation has been greatly inspired by my brilliant and really pretty awesome sister's completion of her dissertation! If she can finish that monster while teaching a class, writing articles and chapters, and doing everything else she somehow manages to do, then dammit! I can finish mine! I figure I have about 2 weeks of work left on it, but that in relative terms to living and working in Paris...well, I'm going to hammer away, bit by bit, and hopefully hand in my final draft before I leave.

It's starting to get mild...spring is slowly starting to court the city. The cafés are starting to spill onto the street - the skirts are getting shorter, the evenings longer. Wow. Springtime in Paris! Bring it. I've never been this excited about life. Everything is falling into place. Work is amazing. Paris is surreal. I'm meeting fascinating people daily...What is this life? How did I get here? Do I have to leave? Sigh.

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