Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday synopsis

Yes, I know. I'm not the best blogger. As one of my self-proclaimed "fans" pointed out, I've been slacking. Alas, this happens in Paris!

The rest of the week wrapped up nicely. Lots of great projects, finished up a briefing for a biological diversity indicator report - it was pretty great to have been assigned something so, well, non-interny! It was tricky see, we're trying to provide support for linguistic diversity having a positive influence, enhancing even, biological diversity; which is easy to argue for, but difficult to provide tangible proof for. Needless to say, the ethnoecological restoration/language revitalization project that I've been working on is a relatively successful example of this, so we'll see what the big kahunas at UNEP think.

Friday night was phenomenal. I met up with Marion, a lovely Parisian girly that knows plenty of my island family, and we went to an experiemental, fusion dance class in a restored church just off of Quai d'Orsay. Well...let's just say that I managed to find the hippies of Paris (obviously). When we first arrived, I admit, I was pretty hesitant. A bunch of people flailing around to music, no structure, etc. Marion and I couldn't even make eye contact, we were laughing so hard on the inside (and occasionally the outside) It ended up being loads of fun, once I just let go and got into it; kind of a mixture between yoga, intentional dancing, and well...rumpus room! The funniest thing was that after the class was over, all these free-spirited hippie dippies slipped back into their uber chic Paris threads! Hippies in disguise.

We then hopped on the metro and went to a great little bar in Belleville - I hadn't been out there yet, so I was pretty stoked. Immediately noticed that Belleville is rougher than my area - I think the heavy stench of urine in the metro station gave it away - but it was also kinda nice to get away from the posh 15th and 7th arrondissements. We got to a bumping bar just off a main drag, squeezed into a table with our elbows literally rubbing those of the neighbouring tables, and cozied up for some girl talk, people watching, and hot mulled wine. Sigh. It was lovely. Wrapped up the evening with late night Chinese food, then literally ran to catch the last metro. Thankfully they run till 2am on the weekends!

Yesterday, I slept in. Mmmmm....I will never take this beautiful act for granted again. Spent the day watching movies and relaxing, as it was raining and I was just spent from my week and the night before. Wandered over to the bakery for a delicious almond croissant, climbed into bed with steaming hot coffee, and .

Today I'm thinking of hitting a museum (maybe the Museum of Natural History), or perhaps just strolling around the Seine. Meeting up with Marion later to go to the cinema (finally going to see French!), then it's back to the grindstone tomorrow.


  1. la ville de rêve. la vie de rêve.

  2. I don't know...I think that as long as you're posting once a week or more, it's not usually considered slacking. besides which, you might fire back at said fan that your comments sections ARE being left abysmally empty by your readers. bloggers need encouragement that their words aren't just falling into the void :) you know - dialogue and all that.