Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 bottles of wine, a Russian waiter, a Rewilder and a French Canadian walk into a bar...

...Wow. Let's just say this weekend has propelled me into a whole new dimension of Paris. It was a weekend of firsts; first meal at a French restaurant, first time riding the metro (I know, I know), first one-on-one with the Eiffel Tower (sorry LJ, but don't worry, I didn't go up), first museum outing at the Musée d'Orsay, first time experiencing Montmartre and Pigalle...I'm deliciously satiated with how much I've been moving and shaking these last few days. I guess that's what happens when you're the "local" guide for a "gringo" ;)

The biodiversity conference wrapped up on Friday, and we have a few weeks until the launch of the International Year of the Rapproachement of Cultures, as well as International Mother Language day. The new web page on language revitalization that I'm working on should be up and running for the launch, which means I will be a very busy bee this week!!

Have I mentioned lately that I love Paris? Sigh.


  1. i'm glad that your weekends are just as busy - albeit with fine dining, carousing, and having a blast. i love you IN paris!!!!

  2. :D thanks Sara...i love me in Paris too!!

    it also feels like i've shed my apprehensive skin. paris seems so huge and intense at first, but once you start to consume it with delicate bites, anything and everything is that i ride the metro like a pro, nothing feels out of my reach. it's funny the little obstacles that stand in our way, unlikely inhibitors!