Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching up

Right...I guess the point of this blog is not to let too many undocumented days slip by. Let's catch up, shall we? So Monday marked my first day as an intern. The whole experience, the building, finding my way around, not having met my boss yet, drinking 3 espressos...let's just say I was a tad trepidacious, overwhelmed, slightly terrified, but mostly thrilled. Spent much of the day running around, meeting everyone in my sector, learning the ins and outs of our floor, walking to the main building a few blocks away to get my badge. Did I mention there's a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower from the washroom? Did I also mention that from my office I can see la Basilique du Sacré Coeur?

The projects I'm working on are incredible, and perfectly suited to my interests. I couldn't be happier..well, wait. I guess if I was being paid, I'd be a little bit happier...but seriously, this is pretty fantastic.

Yesterday my roommate bought us tickets to the Opéra Comique, where we saw a hilarious rendition of the Fairy Queen, scoured for French celebrities to no avail, then whizzed back to the apartment on his moto as I soaked up the night air, and saw the Louvre for the first time. I would highly recommend seeing it at night; from the outside, at least! Such a long day though...I was out and about from 8:30 until past midnight - but such is life in a city that buzzes such as this. Today was tame - worked alone mostly, did groceries (there's a great shop right around the corner) and relaxed. What will tomorrow bring...I wonder.

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