Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catching up...again.

Back home from work, in from the cold snap that's hit the city. Cold, I say in relative terms, of this is nothing compared to the winters I experienced most of my life, but cold compared to the balmy winters of the coast.

This week, let's see...where to begin. Monday was a packed day, with lots of fun, interesting projects at work - I finished some language name edits on the 3rd edition of the Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger that has now been set off to be printed. I still can't believe I've had any part in this project, as their 2nd edition was the first academic book I purchased while in my undergrad. It helped spawn this passion of mine, and to think that I've come to the point of being directly involved still just...amazes me!

After work I rushed off to meet my uni colleague who's been pursuing a fellowship in Luxembourg and was in Paris for a conference. It was really nice to see a familiar face in this unfamiliar city, and we chatted away to wine and coffees on a street-side cafe. I then jumped on a city velo (you pick them up and drop them off in various locations - honestly why doesn't every city offer this service??) and it was pretty lovely to cruise down Paris evening streets. The cobblestones make for a pretty bumpy ride, but who's complaining?!

Yesterday was again a busy day, and a tame night spent guessed and chatting to my roommate about everything from tattoos, the forestry industry in Canada, to philosophy.

Today was pretty great. I was sent off to attend an afternoon of conferences on biodiversity in the main building to take notes and report back. It all felt very official and I admit I felt like kind of a big deal. Ha! More like a tiny minnow in a million seas, but you catch my drift. I was supposed to venture out to experience Montmartre at night, but am completely exhausted (still having trouble with this going to bed early AND waking up early - I'll figure it out eventually). So instead I'm going to eat, chill and get ready for tomorrow. Huge day coming up! End of weeks always seem pretty intense in my sector. :)

Also wanted to express my general stokedness on a few things: one, my Mom has decided to run in the Athens marathon next October, in celebration of the 2500th anniversary of the marathon! Yup, that's my mom. Also, my sister had a great interview with one of the uni's she's applied to, and so my fingers are crossed around a baguette for her! ALSO, my scorpsista should just be landing in Fiji, where she's about to endeavour on an amazing loveadventurefest with her dreamboat. Warms my heart, all of the above.

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