Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mais oui, jeudi!

I think I've finally shaken the last of the cobwebs in my head and wrapped myself around the notion of waking the mor...ning? Who knew! It's actually quite nice. There, I said it. Today was just...great. We had a conference call with an organization we're working with in the Middle East, and as I sat in the conference room and occasionally and casually glanced through the floor to ceiling walls at Paris and that gorgeous tower, I couldn't hide the massive grin that kept creeping up. My supervisor and I are getting along famously and she's already subtly suggesting me for future work. I had such a focused day today, that all of a sudden it was past 6 and I traipsed on home, passing by my local (read 3 doors down) boulangerie to pick up a fresh baguette and come home to indulge in a nice glass of wine. C'est la vie, et la vie est belle.

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